How do you know if a person is looking for me on Google?

¿You likeay you know if a person has searched on Google for some reasone? For this does not have to resort to hacks or third party applications. Thanks to a section hidden from the big G you will be able to make sure of this in a few seconds.

Since some time ago Google has created a tool that provides the possibility of to know if someone has made a bearch on the search engine with our name and surname, and even with our e-mail. These are the steps to verify the above and all you need to know on the topic.

The steps to find out if someone has searched on Google

The first thing you should know is that the option to which we have access goes by the name I on the web. So you know a bit of it in summary form, it is a tool created by Google that shows you alerts related to búsquedas of your name. So you can access it:

  • Logs in with the data of your personal account in Google.
  • Then enter Google Alerts.
  • Subsequently you’ll find the section Presence on the Internet, this along with two sections: your name and surname and your e-mail.
  • Here, you will have to click on the + icon of each section to create an alert with notices that reachn to your e-mail every time someone you search for, or talk of it in Google.

Things you should know about the section’s Internet Presence Google

in Addition to the above, also you have the possibility to set the envio alerts on various parámetros: frequency, sources, language, region and amount. After that, you’ll be able to select the item Create alert to have monitored each and every person who with or without your permission you mentioned in the web.

And not only this, since the tab of Alerts will haveore the advantage of being able to create alerts related to a montr categoryays: Music, Movies, Finance, Companies, Technology, Television, Sports, Politics, Health, and even Programming, among other things.

If you think that this tool is quite new, certainly not know the list of third-party apps that are integrating with Google Assistant. Thanks to this update you’ll be able to save your shopping list from the wizard of the big G.

make the mmaximum each optionr and coméntanos your concerns from the sectionon respective. what are You waiting for!

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