How do you hide publications from a friend on Facebook without deleting it?

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If you have a friend on Facebook that posts a lot or bothers you too much it is best to stop following him. It easier for stop to see posts of a friend on Facebook is to delete it from our list of friends but in Facebook it is very easy to stop to see posts from a friend without deleting it from Facebook.

If you are a friend of Facebook the most common thing is that you don’t want to delete it but yes it is true that there are many friends who through their work, for example, share many things in Facebook that is not interested in your friends and what’s more normal is to let to follow to not get constantly notifications.

Dejar de seguir amigo Facebook

How to stop following a friend on Facebook?

It’s best to remain a friend of that person on Facebook without removing it is to stop following him and block their posting on our timeline when we want to know something, go straight to their profile to see their latest publications.

how Many times have you seen your friends crack because posteas too much or why a friend of yours writes too many things on the Internet and not to disturb them? In that case many do not know that they can leave to follow you, and even though this option has on the web a lot of time there are still those who in full 2016 not known and that is why we have made this article. For to stop following a friend on Facebook just follow these steps:

  • Enter in the profile of a friend of Facebook and we look at what is in your profile.
  • we will See the 3 buttons Friends, Will you still and Message.
  • We click on Him you Follow, if you Follow is that you’ve stopped pursuing long ago.
  • Now, in the three options that come up, we click on Stop following.

best of all this is that your friend won’t know anything you have stopped following him on Facebook and have no problems with your relationship, that yes, you will realize that you normally don’t see your posts if you do not log in to your profile because you never interaccionarás with them but it is something that is not done often. do you Know this method?

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