How do you get a bonus 10 GB free in Lowi before Christmas?

In forums has begun to talk of a bonus of 10 GB free Lowi by protesting, but they are quite misguided. The signing hasn’t been made “official” with an ad but everyone has the right to activate this bonus of 10 GB extra before christmas 2018.

In the following lines we tell you more about it. You move the dates, how to activate it and more interesting information for you. It is a few GB extra by the fall, since it is Christmas and we know that you need GB for browsing, shopping, buying offers, watching videos, etc

¿Who can have the bonus of 10 GB free Lowi?

All customers of Lowi, have the rate that you have, will enjoy a bonus of 10 GB free. Even if you are not a client, and you do, you will have access to this bonus of 10 GB always and when you enter to form part of the signature in the term of the promotion.

you Have from 27 November until 9 December (both included) to apply the bonus to 10 GB through the app Lowi or panel My Lowi on the web. Nothing more to enter in the website you will see a warning to activate the bonus. If not, re-enter the next day because the signature is by selecting the option for all accounts.

You’ll be able to activate the bonus on all of your lines

Even if you have multiple lines you’ll have 10 GB free bonus with Lowi. The only thing you need to do is activate the bonus in each of the different lines that you have. The most interesting thing about this promotion is that if you don’t consume the GB before the end of December, you’ll be able to accumulate them for the next month as happens with the GB of your fee. how Interesting is not it?

If you have enabled the promotion and do not yet appear in your private area of Lowi, don’t worry. The bonus of 10 GB free Lowi can be delayed up to 1 hour on it. Without a doubt, a promotion genius of the OMV of Vodafone, with Vodafone Bit, the become one of the companies most loved (always and when you know to deal with them).

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