How do I set up a mail account Exchange in Gmail?

The accounts Exchange are widely used today. Gmail is the mail for the excellence of Android, comes default on all devices, therefore, today we will help you to configure your Exchange account to Gmail Android. It is very simple and you only need to follow a series of steps. why do I need an Exchange account?, this is a work account, here you’ll organize everything related to your company or job site, you’ll need a Gmail account just to use Exchange, and another account for personal use.

it is Worth noting that Gmail has a support multicuentas (Outlook, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, Office 365), What Does this mean?, you’ll be able to add the account of third parties and to manage them from the mail. A while ago, we explained a post about this, but you had to download an apk so that I could run the Exchange mail, now you don’t have to do that thanks to the new update of Gmail, configure your mail Exchange is very easy.

What I have to do to configure the Exchange e-mail?

you don’t have to install anything, Gmail already gives you the option of setting up your account without adding any third-party application. you Have to have the Gmail app up-to-date and the rest I’ll explain below.

configurar correos exchange en Gmail

  • First, you have to direct the application of Gmail.
  • Then, look for the menu of the application (left side).
  • Low and located the option of “settings”.
  • once inside the settings, you’ll give you the option of the“Add account”.
  • There you will see all the accounts that you can add (Outlook, Yahoo, Live and others), here include “Exchange”.
  • Then clicking on Exchange, you will see that you have to put your work email.
  • Then, you will move to the next option, where you have to to confirm your user name or domain.
  • Also, you will confirm your password and other options that will appear.

Then completes the steps, because everything will be ready, you’ve set up your work account on your phone, and you’ll be linked with the Gmail. We hope that your doubts will be eased and you’ve managed the account properly with the steps above, now all the emails in your business or work will appear in the inbox of the Gmail application and you will be able to see from your smartphone.

on the other hand, if you’re not a big fan of the Gmail app and looking for alternatives, we’ll let the best applications with Exchange support.

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