How do I set Spotify to power itself off?

Spotify is the music service par excellence, of that there is no kind of doubt. And it is for this very reason that it is also one of the more support they have, and more third-party options available. If you’ve ever thought of schedule Spotify to turn off only you’re in the right place.

From here you can see a simple application that makes Spotify will close automatically. Before you continue we recommend that you take a look at this article, it ended up the bargain of the family plan.

So you can do that Spotify is closing automatically

This is something that is perfect for going to sleep with good music. you Choose the time that you want to keep playing and when you reach the end, the application closes. The app is called Sleep Timer and is free from the Play Store, below is a direct link.

best of all is that it is capable of much more than this. From there, you can configure a few more things:

  • That is apaguela display, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, or activate Silent Mode once the timer reaches zero.
  • Not only works with Spotify, you can configure it to be YouTube, another player or any application of your mobile phone.
  • you can Also put a fading audio forms will come in the end.

otherwise there is little noteworthy. Its design is extremely simple, functional and not you lees with a thousand and one options. We have tested and works wonders, does very well what it promises. Yes, it has some ads but nothing too annoying so we cannot complain.

it’s your turn to be the one to try and decide whether you use it or not. Just above you have the direct link to the Google Play Store and, from here, you can learn how to export lists of Spotify in a simple way.

┬┐did you like this application? Did you used it before or is the first time you hear about it? don’t forget to leave us your opinion in the comments section.

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