How do I prevent an Android malfunction from the first day?

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sometimes we stop there to give solutions, methods, etc., for our Android does not work better, but we realize that many people, committed an unforgivable mistake, something that makes our mobile Android malfunction from the first day.

a Lot of people do, is something undeniable, and when a user asks why his mobile works bad we omit this step and, when we get our account, we account at the time. There is one step that anyone should do when purchasing a mobile phone and is something that, unfortunately, many do.

auto backup android m

How to avoid our Android malfunction from minute 1?

When starting a mobile for the first time asks for your Google account, the password for the WiFi, 4 more details and gives us the possibility to restore the backup of our previous mobile, install everything that we had in our previous mobile in the new cell. is it worth it?

No, it’s not worth. This is the error that many users talk about when buy a new mobile, whether or not mid-range or high, this error leads you to your mobile work is bad, very bad, from the first moment that this will go to your pocket.

Is absolutely imperative start the mobile clean and then, later, install from scratch the applications that we need. It is true, will take us more time and maybe we forget to any application by the way but the advantage is more than evident, we will install only the apps that we need and we forget a lot of applications that you no longer use.

When you purchase a new mobile this already brings quite a few pre-installed applications and the only thing that we need is to sync contacts with the Google account, everything else is dispensable. From that point we set up what we’re going to use and, if possible, we remove the bloatware from the terminal with this method that does not require root and leaves a little more to clean our terminal. Be patient, this method will make your mobile look like another.

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