How do I create collections of Instagram on Android?

┬┐you Want to have the ability to save publications from other profiles in your account of Instagram? Then, the Collections section is for you.

Thanks to this feature was added very recently by Instagram, each user can create a kind of folder to store photos and videos, interesting theme of other profiles and accounts. If you want to try this option, then we’ll leave you the directions to do it in a few seconds.

The steps to create collections of Instagram from Android

No more to be noted, follow these steps so that you can create collections on Instagram from your mobile:

  • Go to your Instagram and locate the photos or videos you want to save as a collection in your profile.
  • When you already have it on the screen, tap on the button Save, which appears at the other side of the icon I like, comment on and send in for a chat. Here, such a publication will be saved in your profile.
  • After that, go to your profile and click on the button Saved, which is in the last section, and right next to the icon of the publications where you have been tagged.

At this point, you’ll find two tabs: and Collections; of All account with the pictures saved from the feed or from another section of the app, while the collection serves to divide the publications by theme.

When you have this displayed, you can create one or more collections of publications from the + icon, being able to enter a name or nickname to the collection next to their respective images or videos to watch them whenever you want.

As you can see, to carry this out is more than easy and thanks to it you will have relevant publications according to a theme to display in a simple way from your own profile. did you Think that it was more difficult?

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