How come the chests on epic and legendary in the Clash Royale


The last update of Clash Royale brought with it, among many other things, of dropping epic and legendary. These chests you can find them store to buy, but not always, only once in a while. The prices are not always the same. Personally I have found with chests on epic, which cost 10.000 coins and chests legendary how much do they cost 500 gems how to form part of a special pack along with coins and gems for 9,99 €.

new chests of Clash Royale are great, but although we have had a week with the update there are users who claim not to have touched none so far. In our case, throughout this week we have played cards with a special offer as the new megaesbirros and also a chest legendary and another hood epic these offers usually are 24 hours.

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Chests epic and legendary in the Clash Royale, frequency

As you know, these new chests are already part of Clash Royale even though you haven’t touched it. In Spain if I am not mistaken about 2 am we’ve got new cards available in the store that is now when it may seem one of the new chests, legendary and epic items.

My experience with the box legendary is good. Only get a letter but I assure you that it is a letter legendary. In my case I got the trunk that didn’t have it. It is the perfect enclosure for users who still have not gotten a letter legendary these heights of the game or to try your luck with the legendary cards that you can get out as you can be the Miner.

My experience with the chests on epic is not so good because though it brings 10 or 12 cards, in fact, they are 10 or 12 different letters. That is to say, in my case, I played three different letters that do not even use. Could touch you 4 cards of the prince, four skeletons and two mirror but not 10 different cards.

Buy according to what you need

Depending on what you need you’ll have to buy a chest legendary in a chest epic or none.

These days, some user commented that they got no chest… but these chests don’t come out all day. As you get one or two a week as much, but it would be a great idea to get all the legendary… I wish you much luck, to see if you get one soon.

, and we Hope to have helped you and see you in the next article!

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