How clean the phone looks like new?

Limpiar móvil como nuevo

Clean the phone, one of those things that many forget. The mobile phone is almost like an accessory which we carry with us, goes everywhere and gets dirty like many others, take fingerprints, dust, fibers from clothing, hairs, etc, Some of them even seem to have magnets for trash and in fact there are people who choose the smartphone according to the staining.

Now, our mobile needs a good cleaning once in a while and although it may seem like an easy task, not everyone knows how to clean well and sometimes even damaged with the use of the product is not suitable for cleaning. do you Know how to clean the mobile phone to look like new without damaging it? then we teach you the best tricks and tips for cleaning the mobile and leave it as new.

Trapo para limpiar móvil

The cloth is your best ally, nothing chemicals

manufacturers put in the manual that nobody reads, that mobile phones should not be cleaned with glass cleaner, alcohol or degreaser. In some cases these products as abrasives, ending with the layer, anti-fingerprint, which incorporate many mobile series and in the end everything is a piece of shit.

Clean your phone is easy, but be careful

In the metal can also damage the surface making the texture to be increasingly rough or the formation of spots. It is best to use a damp cloth and rub gently in a soft way but make sure that no water gets into the joints. The cloths microfibers, such as Andy in the head, are the best since they do not need to get wet and cleaned up very well. cleaning cloths microfiber lose power with the time to accumulate fat and particles, some are washed and solve but it is best to buy a new one.

we Finish with the powder-based compressed air

Not everyone has a compressor at home, but you can buy a can of compressed air by two hard and this serves to remove dust from the boards and places where the cloth comes not as the side buttons, frames remaining, etc

Now, the compressed air can damage the membrane of the speaker or the microphone and should be used with care in these parts. It is best to apply it from a high angle and never directly.

Móvil manchado con huellas

Cyber Clean to clean areas that are difficult

If you are not aware of Cyber Clean today may discover something absolutely necessary in your day-to-day. Clean areas that are difficult for the cell is the most complicated as well as the port of loading or the minijack that accumulate a lot of dust, sometimes if you clean it with a toothpick but this can damage the contacts or circuitry.

it is best not to use sticks either, because they leave fibers and there is an extremely handy product, Cyber Clean, a putty specific for cleaning electronics the easy way. It is a malleable paste that collects the dirt of the places through which it passes and be like modeling clay can be deformed and enter in any place. The only thing you should be careful of is to not tighten so much that will not break.

have you it has become clear how to clean a entire mobile? With these tricks and tips you’ll have your mobile pristine. They are very useful if you are going to sell the mobile and want to stick with a new one or if the mobile in question is yours and you want to keep it clean and decent to take it out to the street. They stain a lot, but when you purchase a phone of 700 euros worth losing a few minutes to clean it as it deserves to look to perfection wherever you go.

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