How are crossbow-and-mortar foul play in the Clash Royale?

Clash Royale

users who have the crossbow or the mortar in their ranks does not make them too much grace to cross them out of foul play. And the truth is that when we touch an opponent with any of these cards really puts us on the nerves. But are cards that Clash Royale has been added, and don’t have to be foul play because they use some rather than others. But also annoyed many users who put a lot of constructions so you can’t attack their towers in any of the ways, that game is much worse. We analyze to see which card may be the best of these.

how Crossbow-and-mortar cards most hated?

mazo clash royale arena 7
My deck for the arena 7

The truth is that even talk of the crossbow and mortar as letters of foul play, the rocket also is because it takes away too much life from a distance. It is a off-road, and personally I get annoyed a lot when I launched both the a lightning rocket. In my opinion, the lightning is even worse and is used by many more users than the crossbow or the mortar. Because although it seems that not, you will gradually leaving the tower K. Or and without having played.

it Is fashionable to use the mortar, because it removes quite life, and if we play it we like to shoot 3 balls of half the tower, which is quite of life depending on the level. But I tell you, that because it does not have to be foul play that, and the other not. The mortar also blocks the passage of letters, that they have to stop, and rocket and lightning are more lethal because they are always going to take life to the tower no matter what.

The rocket and lightning, are still worse

why did we write this? Because many users have complained that it is not foul play to use the mortar or the crossbow, which is worst use the lightning or the rocket because you can’t stop, always reaching to the tower. The truth is that there are opinions for all tastes, and we would like to hear yours about it. Hence the purpose of this article, because that sure to Clash Royale is also interested in looking ahead to future cards.

Personally, the mortar it seems to me the letter less dirty of these 4. The crossbow if you let it almost pulls you up a tower, and if you’re going to rockets and rays… after 2 and a half minutes you will have smashed practically to the tower and without play, so that is not very fair. But the mortar makes it lock and step ball, is interesting.

What letter do you think is less dirty? What ballista, mortar, rocket or lightning? The start of the debate.

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