Hound, benchmarking against Google Now, Siri and Cortana: Microsoft, Apple and Google, tremble

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Google Now on Android, Siri in iOS, and Windows Cortana are the three best-known virtual assistants of the moment , which makes sense considering that three of the largest companies in the world, such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, are the ones behind them. Gradually voice these assistants have been polishing improving accuracy, speed, understanding and ultimately, artificial intelligence, to reach a point at which work quite well, yes, no become perfect, far from it.

Well, now it seems that this trio of giants has left them a competitor, and that if they believed the battle to be the best virtual assistant would be about three, were wrong. This competitor is none other than Hound , which we have already spoken website, and if you read the name I came to head the famous finder songs, SounHound not going nothing misguided, they are the same developers who are behind this project already becoming a reality.

Hound is in a beta version and currently is only available to US users, although as we shall see in the comparison that we will show below, it seems quite mature.

Hound vs Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana

Fortunately, we can now enjoy a more interesting comparison between Hound Beta and Google Now, Siri and Cortana rivals with whom you will be once it is available to everyone with the final version. We leave you with the video, and immediately commented:

As you have seen, Hound, to be a beta, it behaves surprisingly well, certainly better than its rivals in most situations. Surely if there is a winner in this comparison of virtual assistants , that’s Hound, which not only recognizes your voice and find results almost instantly, but the answers are almost all voice, something which is extremely comfortable. In addition, their mean error for all of these tests is 0% thing that the other three assistants can not presume so lightly, especially Cortana.

is quite clear that Hound gains in speed, perhaps tying with Google Now although this costs a little more understanding of what we are saying, whereas in app of SounHound this is almost instantaneous, and the results of searches. Meanwhile, in this area seems Siri is something greener, let alone Cortana , which often fails to recognize, giving erroneous results, or even goes blank.


Another great asset of Hound is, as mentioned, voice responses, which are somewhat more common than with Siri , which is even more evident when compared to Google Now and Cortana. Finally, also worth noting that Hound has provided, generally, information wider than its rivals.

now Google Now, Siri and Cortana, or what is the same, Google, Apple and Microsoft because they know they have a very worthy opponent, for the moment, it seems to be even a step above from them. It will be interesting to see how they evolve the four virtual assistants , and so far, we have no choice to wait Hound leave beta, and is suitable for all.

And you do you think? Head over Hound, comparative against Google Now, Siri and Cortana. Microsoft, Apple and Google, tremble to leave your mark

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