Honor 7 in the analysis, who said that the second marks are never good?

Honor 7

If there is something that differentiates the Android operating system from the rest is by the endless catalog of different terminals that exist in the market. So once more we bring in a new analysis, this time starring a terminal chinese that comes stomping thanks to get the quality of your main signature and apply them in a new flagship.

You are right. We talked about the Honor 7, a terminal of high range of what most tempting who wants to eat the market and demonstrate to the public that is not always the price goes with the quality. If you want to know all the details of the managed terminal, stay with us and you will find everything good and everything bad. o we Started!

physical Appearance and materials of construction

we Begin by one of its aspect more relevant, as is the design. Well we know that Huawei cares for even the smallest detail of the physical appearance of its terminals, with the construction of the best on the market thanks to materials such as aluminum, the same as that in this case we find in the whole of the outside of the terminal.

with Respect to its size is also more accurate since it contains a dimensions quite achieved, that in numbers represent 14,3 cm high, 7,19 wide and 8.5 thick, with a more than acceptable weight of 157 grams despite its materials and its size.

youtu.be--68lqDlhVgQ (3)

Without a doubt, reminds us in many details to the last terminal presented above for the main signature, as is Huawei. With regard to Honor, despite being the second and not the most important, do not neglect a single moment all the signs of quality that stand out, and as a result we have in our hands a terminal the best quality.

in Addition, when you include the on-screen buttons, it offers us the power to enjoy one of the buttons on the side also of the same material, which contains ceramic tiles, to adorn even more the exterior of the device to the couple that reduce the frames top and bottom and take better advantage of the screen size.

Features and specifications

Honor 7
Screen IPS-NEO LCD 5.2 inches with Full HD resolution
pixel Density 424 pixels per inch
Processor HiSilicon Kirin 935 of eight cores at 2.2 GHz and GPU Mali-T628 MP4
operating System Android 5.0 Lollipop with EMUI 3.1
Storage 16 or 64 GB, expandable with microSD cards up to 128 GB
Cameras Rear 20-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and front 8-megapixel camera with LED flash
Battery 3.100 mAh

like that happens with your physical appearance, the interior is also of best quality, as we found a hardware pointer that will give us a experience totally fluid and able to move with total ease, the applications and most demanding games of the moment.

This is possible due to, for example, your processor Kirin 935, a powerful SoC that allow you to squeeze maximum quality your device, next to nothing less than 3 GB RAM to keep in the background all the apps you want.

Quiet that you won’t be short of space, so if you want you can choose the version most humble with 16 GB or go head-to-by the more broad with its 64 GB which you can expand with microSD cards and get close to 200 GB on your terminal. Do you think that will be enough?

youtu.be--68lqDlhVgQ (5)

we Cannot overlook its fingerprint reader. Yes, it contains without any doubt the same that is implemented in the Mate S of Huawei and that is above any other in the market. In addition, it is vitaminado with good functionality thanks to the software because, by using slides with our finger we get functionality and accessibility.

with Respect to the camera we find in numbers 20 megapixel, sensor is quite powerful and is able to achieve good results. However, we appreciate a overexposure very common in Huawei remainder final quality, but at the end of the day it is quite acceptable for the price that you are currently.

All of this would not be possible without a battery, which is not all that humble to contain 3.100 mAh, more than enough to last throughout the day and part of the other whatever your need, because for the optimization of the operating system and its components it is a good autonomy.

Although it may seem a lie is not perfect, because it is remarkable the absence of features such as the NFC or the connector USB Type-C, but since then that makes up for the quality of the components and manufacturing of the terminal.


you Can buy the new Honor 7 on Amazon for 346 euros in gray or silver.

Analysis in video

Conclusions and final assessment


Even with their weaknesses and their negative points, for his price so restrained is of the best options in the market, with features well above even the main flagship and one of the best designs and constructions of the market. Bravo for Honor and for Huawei.

positive things

  • fingerprint Reader: Is as well, and it is impossible to deny it, we are faced with the best fingerprint reader, far above any other device even outside of the territory of Android.

  • physical Appearance: Aluminum with ceramic tiles is a feeling of quality and that brings a lot of value to the device. Therefore, and because of its design, is its main strong.

negative Points

  • Cameras: In the case of the rear-we don’t have many complaints, but in the case of the front despite its 8 megapixels, the results are quite improvable. If you are a true lover of the selfies there you will find a camera is very promising.

  • Software: Emotion UI each time it works better and is more comprehensive than the couple that is polished, but as is often the case is so bloated and contains so customization that you are missing an experience more native.

Honor 7
Honor 7
Honor 7
Honor 7
Honor 7
Honor 7
Honor 7
Honor 7
Honor 7

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