Here are five must-play games for Android, you’ll love!

Juegos Android Imprescindibles 9 (BQ)

current mobile devices, both are smartphones as tablets, each contain more power thanks to its high-performance components, able to perform with total fluidity to the games more demanding of the time, many of them with a graphics quality unprecedented.

The main problem is not the terminals, if you do not find among the endless catalogue of Google Play some title that is really worthwhile, and if it is so get also to stay glued to a handful of hours on our screens.

therefore, once again we bring another installment of the “must-play Games for Android”, a fantastic collection of some of the games that we have called attention and which, therefore, are worthy of being in our personal choice.

Google Play | Dead Effect 2 (Free)

Google Play | Simple Spy (1,08€)

Google Play | Tomb Raider II (0,99 euros)

Google Play | Platform Defense (0,97 euro)

Google Play | Boxy The Box (Free)

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