Helpy: Evolution of collaborative app TratoJusto new design and functions

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Late last year we told you about TratoJusto Andro4all an app purchase and sale of services between users. The collaborative philosophy is something that is booming in various fields. Among them, the education with examples like MIT + KH12 or collaborative consumption. Precisely TratoJusto was based on the collaborative consumption where users could buy and sell their services at lower prices. If we looked back is because in this article we will discuss Helpy, the evolution of TratoJusto . Helpy maintains the same philosophy and the same Hispano team, only changing some things better.

As explained from the new Helpy, the name change is because when filing your app improved, needed a simple and valid for the French and Spanish markets name, and the name chosen It seems successful. As for accompanying change to Helpy beyond name, we start referring to the aesthetics. Regarding TratoJusto, Helpy received a facelift in its user interface . Now app shows a cleaner and visually pleasing appearance, with a better UI than before and winning usability.

Video: promotional sample of the new app Helpy, formerly known as TratoJusto


Based on the experience of TratoJusto and suggestions from users of the previous app wanted to make a number of improvements in this app consumption based collaborative services geolocation . To be more specific, they have added the ability to say what skills we offer our services in Helpy , thus becoming what they call helpers, and chat to communicate with users and complete transactions quickly. Just pointing out that today have more than 20,000 registered users and service categories with which we work include some as computer, removals, kangaroos, plumbing, cleaning, DIY and etc.

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Have you considered the proposal Helpy ?, you like their improvements over TratoJusto?

And you do you think? Head over Helpy. Evolution of collaborative app TratoJusto with new design and functions to make your mark

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