Hearthstone has a new expansion, Mafias of Gadgetzan


If you know World of Warcraft, sure that you know that has its own card game; Hearthstone. it Is a Blizzard game that continues to grow. The gameplay is complex, and requires a certain learning curve to get to the top of the ranking, but surprised by be totally free, but has in-app purchases.

Gangs of Gadgetzan is your latest expansion, which includes more than 130 new cards, grouping of classes and a new dynamic of game. If you want to know everything about the new expansion, stay with us, as he has looked great.

So it is Mafias of Gadgetzan

In the first place, there are three types of factions, that have to do with the factions of the city.

  • Thugs Dirty: Hunter, paladin, and warrior
  • Kabal: Mage, priest and warlock
  • Lotus Jade: Druid, rogue and shaman

When grouped together these factions, there are letters that are unique to them. This changes minimally the mechanics of the game, as that has always been exclusive cards for each class, however refreshes the air of the game, since they had never been grouped the classes in this way.

The Lotus jade

Without doubt the biggest inclusion to this expansion are the letters of the Lotus Jade. This is a new game mechanic of empowering minions, something similar to what was done with CThun in the expansion of Whispers of the Old Gods.

Works in the following way:

  • The first time you cast a minion of the Jade will be a 1/1
  • The second time you cast a minion of the Jade will be a 2/2
  • So on until you reach a 30/30

This means that it includes a new game mechanic that is not based neither in the temple nor in the Agro, since in several occasions we will want to pull a minion that does not curve in tempo, but that invokes a minion of the Jade to contribute much value to the table.

In the final analysis, this expansion holds a lot of promise and at the start of the game we give away a few envelopes to play a few matches with certain classes. Have you updated since Hearthstone to play it?

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