Hearthstone get more benefits in its mobile version on your desktop version

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Probably most of you have already tried Hearthstone card game Blizzard set in the world of World of Warcraft and that our colleague Sergio Acute analyzed in depth to all of you.

The computer game was a great success, not only in critical, but also in number of users and benefits. Normal this is a free game where you need not spend a single euro for fun . Okay, if you want to be competitive, punctuated play games and get to the top, need to buy envelopes to create a good deck of cards, but this does not prevent the casual player has a good time and with time and patience to get the letters needed.

After this success, Blizzard wanted to expand the universe Hearthstone mobile platforms, platforms constantly growing and increasingly investing in these brands with reputable and quality titles. First it was for IOS, later came to Android, but we can say that if Hearthstone triumphed in computers, has done even more on mobile devices .

As we have since Superdata, the profits made by Blizzard thanks to mobile -and Hearthstone tablets- already outweigh the benefits you get with Hearthstone computer version . The reasons may be many, but we bet because users may prefer to take their games from a tablet, since we can not forget that two-mobile and computer- versions are exactly the same .

Heathstone tabla de beneficios

Hearthstone Playing on the computer is comfortable, but lying on the couch it is even more. Another option is that users of Hearthstone both iOS as Android-mobile are more likely to pay for envelopes letters unlikely-or-something that just this flood of profits has coincided with different promotions and offers available Amazon to buy envelopes .

Whatever the reason, it is curious to see how a game originally designed to play with mouse, has won more in a touch device. What we have always said, much of the future of gaming goes through our smartphones .

You are more than play computer or tablet? Where Hearthstone prefer playing?

And you do you think? Head over Hearthstone get more benefits in its mobile version in its desktop version to make your mark.

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