Hearthstone announces The Rise of the Shadows, its new expansion

Pokémon GO and Fortnite are two of the games for most popular mobile devices of the moment, and that stand out for launch updates practically every week. Another title that never ceases in its effort to bring new is Hearthstone, since the work Blizzard has announced an official ‘The Rise of the Shadows’, its new expansion.

players of Hearthstone will have the opportunity to to get into the skin of the “bad guys” with the new expansion of the well-known game of cards, The Rise of the Shadows, which will be available April 9. The successful title from Blizzard will give players the opportunity to join the league of the outlaws to write the first history of long duration of the franchise. An expansion that adds 135 malevolent new cards and twisted original mechanical.

The story of this new expansion revolves around the League of EVIL, formed by greater antagonists than Hearthstone has ever known: a authentic group of supervillanos expansions earlier in the game, including the king Togafloja, madame Lazul, the irrepressible Dr. Bum, and the witch Hagatha. A League that will count with the support of the players to bring out their true and nefarias intentions.

The Rise of the Shadows incorporates 135 new cards

The new expansion of Hearthstone incorporates 135 new cards that players can add to their collection, including Footmen; the Defenders of Dalaran, the Plots, the new keyword Spell double and much more. In addition, it also adds a a new mode for a player that will be available soon after the release of the expansion, more specifically, in the month of may, and whose first chapter will be free.

The Stooges are a few minions 1/1 with a fiendish variety of battle cries, while the Defenders of Dalaran are a few guardians who are known for their Spells double, powerful spells that, once released, generate a copy of themselves that can be used again in the showdown. For its part, the Plots are cards whose power increases as they move on the turns while you are in the hands of the players.

The Rise of the Shadows, the new expansion to the title free-to-play of Blizzard, will be available on the 9th of April for Android devices. In addition, players can win booster packs of The Rise of the Shadows in Arena mode or purchase them with in-game gold or with real money at the same price as the other booster packs in Hearthstone.

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