Have you seen the new offerings of Clash Royale?

Today we want to talk to you about the new offerings of Clash Royale. A while ago we talk about new chests, legendary and epic items to get there is to pay for a particular figure, sometimes we have one for 500 gems, 10.000 coins, or with a pack for 9,99 euros. But few days ago I saw a new offerings in the Clash Royale that I want to talk to you about. These new offerings, I went out to buy and I can not deny that I bought the first one, an offer impressive that before me, it would have cost much more.


New offerings of Clash Royale

These new offerings, of which I can not show you photo because when I wanted to get the capture, as I didn’t show 3 offers together. In the first offer had the possibility of buying a chest magic for 0,99 euros. The second was a pack of treasure chest and coins for 4,99 euros, the third pack was already larger for 9,99 euros. I bought the first one because I didn’t wanted to spend much more money on the game, but it was not a bad bid of 4.99 euros, although sometimes for that price I prefer to buy one legendary, which is what they cost 500 gems.

Is a new offer of Clash Royale or at least that he had never seen before. Since then, that has no waste. Because before, depending on the arena is clear, buy a treasure chest magical it can cost more or less money, but of course that is more of 0.99 euros. So these new offers are great and have no waste. I tell you, instead of leaving a single offer in a big way, I would be 3 divided into 3 blocks. To spend less more money as the user wanted.

Could go out with frequency a week

I don’t Know the frequency with which out of these offers, but it could be like once a week. We will investigate a little more about the topic in order to tell you more.

Remember that the Friday new charter, tornado. Soon more info.

have You seen these offerings in the game?

The post have You seen the new offerings of Clash Royale?

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