¡Habemus new CEO of Xiaomi! Welcome to Manu Jain

a few weeks Ago that Hugo Barra announced his decision to leave his post as CEO of Xiaomi to return to Silicon Valley and resume his old life. Now Xiaomi has announced a new successor and has not taken too much in choosing one of the most important parts of the company, the same Manu Jain.

For those who do not know Manu Kumar Jain is a very important part in Xiaomi as they now also share your new post with the already occupying, responsible for Xiaomi’s India.

Sede Xiaomi

Manu Jain, the new CEO of Xiaomi

Xiaomi has spent years talking about a international expansion that does not come but if someone had a lot to do in this expansion that has been Hugo Barra. Manu Jain was someone who used to work elbow with elbow with the man who came to be the vice president of Google and perhaps that is why it has been one of the perfect candidates for the new position.

Now Hugo Barra will work on Facebook, I knew a few days after leaving his old office without a successor in sight but Xiaomi has a worthy successor for this position and we have no doubt of what they will do really well.

Xiaomi is a hit in India, just replicate the strategy

The brand Xiaomi is a hit in India and also to promote to the new position via a terse announcement on Facebook have also commented on their achievement in a country like India. In 2016, Xiaomi has achieved a revenue of 1000 million dollars in India and not long ago it was awarded with the position of the second manufacturer most sold in the country.

Currently, Xiaomi has a 10.7% market share and 29.3% in online sales where are the leaders, according to data from IDC. Xiaomi should follow the model used in India, but should take into account that each country has a different culture and that is where we complicate things, it is a great challenge for the company that now must be assumed Manu Jain. We do not doubt your ability for this position, we are confident that Manu Jain will continue fighting for that international expansion that began the great Hugo Barra.

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