Google will update your apps require less space

One of the problems that today continues to worry many users of smartphones, regardless of their operating system, is the storage space. It is true that every time we find in the market terminals with large amounts of internal memory, however, we can still find many which only offer a storage 16 or 32GB, but sometimes this is not enough.

And, there are many factors that make that each time occupy more storage in our terminals, such as the improvement of cameras, which makes us to take many more photos and videos, or options from services like Netflix, which allow us to save content into your terminal to view the article online, or the elimination of the possibility of increasing the terminal’s memory via microSD cards.

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This causes many users have certain problems with the updates of the applications, that in cases such as Facebok require a lot of space. Google is aware of this and has been since hands to update your application requires less space.

to Update your application will require less space within the bit

As you can read on AndroidCentral, Google addressed this problem for a long time through the use of an algorithm that helped to optimize the size of each APK file that downloads from Google Play each time you update an application.


And now the american company has decided to take this optimization a step further using an update process for patches that will drastically reduce the space that your terminal requires to update an app. According to Google, which he detailed in his blog of developers of this explanation, this reduction would amount to between 65% and 90%.

This brings many advantages, as the fact that, from now on, people who have a terminal something old that has only 16GB of internal memory does not have to do a purge in your box of applications each time you decide to update a game or similar applications, which increasingly require a greater memory available, something that makes that many users do not have access to them.

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