Google surprises with 13 emojis of women

emojis mujeres google

The truth is that Google has left us quite surprised with this: emojis women. It seems that the giant of Mountain View wants to pay more attention than ever to women, adding 13 emojis really amazing and very beautiful. These emojis would be employed by the different operating and apps, so that there would be no limitations of any kind.

The idea is to show the women in the workplace. If we take a look at the emojis, we see from a woman nurse, to a chef or just graduated. Unicode for its part, seems to have given his approval back to the incorporation of these emojis of women. So to see if we can enjoy them soon, will expand with more information:

emoji mujeres unicode

Discover the 13 new emojis for women

We love to have emojis new, because you always give much to talk about. As we talk about the 74 new emojis this 2016, in addition to what you have to do to get the emojis that have come with Android N. But everything indicates that these 13 new emojis for women, are just that, a novelty and very recent, and that it would take a bit to arrive.

Could tell you this year, but we don’t know. However, as we can see apparently they are already invented, but it touches on the hard work that Unicode has ahead of him. Google has stated that it expects to make reality for the 2016.

Collection photo

we Can see the collection from these 13 emoticons women in the following image:

emojis mujeres nuevos

  • Cook.
  • Nurse.
  • Medical.
  • Gardener.
  • Working.
  • Professor.
  • Singer.
  • Writer
  • Executive.
  • Chemical.
  • Graduate.
  • Mechanics.
  • Engineer.

If I’ve confused you in any, don’t hesitate to tell me!


One of the emojis is a tribute to David Bowie, same outfit and makeup the singer from the 70’s. Surely you know of what I speak.

wouldn’t you appear cool? you Can on these days in the comments. Without a doubt, a complete collection dedicated to the working woman. We are looking forward to this 2016.

Source | Unicode

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