Google Store celebrated the seventh anniversary of Android with a unique wallpaper

Android eats Apple

Who would say , which since that purchase made Google betting on a mobile operating system based on Linux and ready for touch screens come to where it is today, going through each and every one of the versions from the first Apple Pie 1.0 until today, Lollipop Android 5.1.1 and Android 6.0 release imminent Marshmallow.

We, on our part and as clear homage and did our tribute to the much-loved Android operating system, reviewing its history and mentioning versions why we have spent to get to this day. Them directly from their own social network and Google Store has been registered as yet given congratulate Android publishing a unique and unrepeatable background screen .

Is your birthday, congratulations, Android!

is a tribute to all his letters, because if you look at the wallpaper, which apparently does not say much in itself, looks some of the desserts that have marked the beginning of the operating system that will mark the future , as is the classic Android 1.5 Cupcake and as will Marshmallow, in version 6.0.

Concerning the wallpaper, are specifically three, the same with a unique design but in three versions with different colors to get to suit the taste of many of us, the users. So, we have a dark gray color that enhances the rich sweet, turquoise blue and pastel blue, all in a good resolution suitable for all terminals such as 2048 x 1152 .

There is no better time to say that although the wallpaper is a real gesture from Google, we appreciate more power enjoy this fantastic operating system and how it has evolved so far , with all its advantages and all its flaws, and certainly would not be here without him , since our first article “welcome” until now, at this very moment.

Thank you and congratulations Google, Android, for many years!

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