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Good news for Google Search, because now load 4 times faster. What technology makes this possible? AMP. This technology, will the results of the Google Search. And with it, on mobile devices the content will load much faster. Speak effectively 4-times faster than HTML, we will, that to which we are accustomed. We tell you that you are going the topic:

Google Search used AMP and it is much faster

happy we are, for now, with the technology AMP the content of news on Android, and on any mobile device, it will be much faster. So much so, that what we will notice from the moment 0 because we are talking about 4 times faster.

google search carga rapidoIf we do a search in Google now, it sure we will notice the change. To do this, you need to look at if it appears on the id AMP. If it appears, wants to say that is going to load these 4 times faster of what it did before. , what is it? is in the cache in the own servers of Google. Then, it will not be as if she carried the first time, but that will be as easy as you show it instantly.

What we appreciate about everything in the news regarding many means. Always appear to us, and now, you will not be charged from zero, but will be cached and this will speed up load time by 4 times. Thanks to AMP, we will not only see the text faster, but in turn, the images and the videos, which are the ones that get slow down a lot of this.

has Not yet reached all forms of media

Eye with this, because you will not notice it in how much you open the Google Search. By now, it is in some of the media in Spain. As we have been able to find out the journal Brand or AS are two of them, so don’t hesitate to take a look. Now, the news will load faster than ever before in the Google search engine.

What have you already tried from your mobile device? we do Not believe that take too long to get to all the media. But the result, is a past. You can see all the info through the guys from Google, on their official blog, you leave it below.

More information | official Blog Google

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