Google Play: offers movies, albums, books and apps on its third anniversary

From time to time we can see that when a product or service of any company complies years from the company give some sort of gift or make some kind of offers and discounts. There are many examples that spring to mind right now, but the present one is the Play Store Google , and there is an interesting development in the form of offers that I am sure you will delight many, because the truth is that Google Android store is celebrating its third anniversary , and that leaves us some surprise to enjoy.

Google Play tercer aniversario

As well explained yesterday web The Droid Guy, the anniversary of the Play Store translates into discount my , records, films and books . Here we must clarify a bit, is that the deals seem to vary by territory. For example, the same web speaks of a total of 33 deals and mentions some movies and some music here is not included. In the case of Spain total bids amounted to 24 . These discounts start from 0.10 euros began yesterday and continues for now, but it is a timely offer that is not known when removing decide – probably not much later -.

On this ignorance may disappear when bids for the third anniversary of Google Play Store, we recommend you give them benefit you hurry before it’s too late. If you want an example, between my discount you have Facetune to help with your selfies , Runtastic Pro to keep fit or popular racing game 3D Racing Rivals. Also remember that music is not out – including a compilation of Alejandro Sanz job – or films – with exponents as the protector – or books – including the pillars of the earth -.

Google Play Store | Third anniversary of Google Play (Various)


What do you think offers the third anniversary of Google Play ?, have any advantage?

And you do you think? Head over to Google Play. Offers movies, albums, books and apps on its third anniversary to make your mark

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