Google Play Movies, the best option to rent movies over the Internet

it is a long time since we spoke to you of the best way to rent movies on Android. And is that after months of testing services, rental of films, I think quand Google Play Movies is the best option to rent movies, because there are in lower quality than Full HD which makes out significantly cheaper than in other means as may be iTunes.

In Google Play Movies you can rent all the movies you want, organized by genre, popularity, premieres, etc, You’ll be able to see everything from 0,99 € .


Google Play Movies, the best option to rent movies

Google Play Movies is the cheapest option to enjoy the best movies from the Android or from your computer. You will have at your fingertips all the movies you want. Sometimes new releases take awhile to appear (a couple of months as it is logical), but continually the catalog is refreshed.

In Google Play Movies you can:

  • Buy movies = will be yours forever.
  • Rent movies = yours 2 days.

Obviously from Google Play Movies you can rent movies and watch them as often as you want. You’ll find lots of variety of movies available, both by popularity as genres, so that you always have you want to any good horror movie, drama, comedy or thriller to see (among other genres).

What I especially like are the “borat” that always seem to be peliculones. In general, the prices range from 0.99 to 2,99 euros for rentals of movies. Are cheap prices taking into account that in others it is quite a bit more expensive, but if you want more quality the same as you costs 1 euro more.

why rent movies and can watch them online for free?

If you have the movie Online for free, I understand that you don’t want to pay to rent the film and watch it. But every time there are less movies available to watch and it is more common to rent, especially for to contribute to the film industry, because they deserve it.

So if you are looking for a good option to rent movies cheap Internet in Android or PC, do not hesitate, after months of testing Google Play Movies, is the best option.

If you prefer a monthly subscription service, like you should try Netflix. You compensated if you’re going to use at least a couple of times a month.

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