Google Pixel vs iPhone 7, comparative performance: what is faster?

pixel-xl-vs-iphone-7-plusWe love to compare, it is something that we cannot avoid and which today has become a necessary evil in order to know who has the best car, the best house or the best mobile device. website we know you like to be well-informed on which are the best terminals available on the market and on this occasion, we are going to compare the speed of two superpowers of the phone: the Google Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus.

At this point we can not deny that the chip A10 of the iPhone 7 is a beast, able to do “fly” to the device, but how fast you can get to be? The Youtuber Super Saf has wanted to do a comparison video between the Google Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus on two tests of speed. Do you want to know the results?

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Google Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus, which will be the fastest?

The first test is a speed test of performance, which comes to us to show the results of reference between the two devices on the speed with which it restarted and as it affects the use of the applications to the RAM.

In the first place, to indicate that the Pixel Google tends to load the games a little slower than the iPhone 7, whereas the Pixel strives to maintain the pace. Although it is recognised that the smartphone Google is able to keep pace very well with the Apple device.

on the other hand, the most basic applications such as the calculator or the web browser work just as fast on both devices. For his part, the camera works a little faster on the new Pixel XL, something that is really important for all those who would like to capture that unique instant.

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In the second video we see a comparison of the operation of the fingerprint sensor with a clear winner: the Pixel XL. Super Saf was even able to disable the animations so that there was no doubt that the iPhone 7 was the slower of the two access to the home screen. The result was always the same and the Pixel XL comes out as a winner on this occasion, as shown by the guys from GSM Arena.

it Is true that Google still has many things to learn and certain aspects have to improve to be at the height of the iPhone 7 in terms of software performance, but we have to recognize that has several strengths that make the terminal more interesting. Of course, there are many factors that influence when choosing a device, and each user must decide taking into account their needs and personal tastes.

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