Google Pixel C, the new tablet from Google’s official, you count their characteristics

Google Pixel C tablet

the product has been “covered” by Google at the event who have held today in San Francisco. Until a few days ago almost, Google’s new tablet had no signs of life, nor is awaited. But it has finally come together with the new Nexus and Nexus 6P 5X. This is the new Google Pixel C .

Technical characteristics


Google Pixel C
Screen 10.2 “2560 × 1800
Pixel Density 302 dpi
Processor NVIDIA X1
Operating System Marshmallow Android 6.0
Other Type-C, Bluetooth 4.0, light bar

Pixel Range, but with Android and a large magnetic keyboard

seems that Google declined to give the name of your new Nexus Pixel C . Recall that the pixel array has been anchored since its inception and shortest path to ultrabooks, high-end notebooks that Google is making on their own without any manufacturer and incorporating Chrome OS inside .

Pixel But it seems that now is not only synonymous with the Google operating system for desktops, but also Android becomes part of it . For if it is true that Chrome OS is slowly being optimized for touchscreen use today Android is a much more oriented to use with hands, touch screens and tablets to order system and after with a number of much deeper applications that Chrome OS, although it is true that the Web has much to say in this regard.

Google Pixel C con teclado

Everything leads us to state that this Google Pixel C is a high-end tablet, a premium Android tablet that is far from the Nexus 9 and most likely want to dazzle all those users who want to use Android as a platform for entertainment, but at the same time have an accessory keyboard perfectly optimized and developed to give a touch of productivity . This keyboard will be magnetized magnetically to the tablet with attractive force.

It is true that without multitasking as Windows 10 or IOS 9 Android may be a lot less likely to give professional use that platform, but we’ll see if Google has a trump saved.

screen and processor

Your screen 10.2 inches has an “important” resolution. Not for nothing, the final number of ppi is 302 above what products like iPad Air 2 can offer today and that should give us a very clear visual experience videos, pictures and especially texts.

Google Pixel C con teclado

In order to move such a resolution with quality and fluidity, a powerful engine that life inside is necessary. Interestingly, Google has become bet as it did with the Nexus 7 (2012) by NVIDIA, a company that in terms of power remains in the pantheon, but in mobile products has lost all its power in favor of Intel, Qualcomm and Mediatek . Specifically, we’re ahead of NVIDIA X1, all power, with 3GB of RAM of last generation.

Price and availability

The new tablet from Google will be available soon at Christmas for the price of $ 499 the 32GB model without a keyboard, 599 euros the 64GB without keyboards, keyboard is optional for 149 euros a label that makes us suppose that the pixel array becomes a synonym for Premium and higher prices. We’ll see if it really gets to break into a market that is beginning to take the factor of “convertible” product as a priority letter to gain success.

And you do you think? Head over to Google Pixel C, the new tablet from Google’s official, we tell their features to make your mark.

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