Google Pixel C, a possible new tablet with detachable keyboard and high-end components


In the last week we echoed about new devices that Google presented today at a live event, the new smartphones 5X Nexus and Nexus 6P. Interestingly, the media-including us-have focused attention on these devices and seems to have escaped us something , is that Google seems to have another product in the middle stage of development.

Google Pixel C, the new top model tablet

This product is nothing but of tablet , although in any case the name referring to it-very curious Nexus course- appears, aims to be the new 10-inch device with features like a removable keyboard and some of the best components present.

These components exactly begin with a 10.2-inch screen, X1 NVIDIA quad-core processor and a graphics chip Maxwell , accompanied by 3GB of RAM LPDDR4, throwing unmatched performance and features very important as his manufacturing materials premium and a USB Type-C connector. Of course your operating system is the latest version, Android 6.0 Marshmallow with all its benefits.

Not everything is as obvious as it seems, because as we said, not incorporate the product into the Nexus brand, may be that is directed to the range of Chromebooks from Google but with a very important detail: Android operating system to replace Chrome OS .

So what is a tablet or a Chrome?

Well, we do not know which sector will take Google, but it could be a hybrid that is as such a tablet but with the possibility of incorporating a removable keyboard but with an air of Chromebook, instead of being supported by Nexus brand. It’s far-fetched at the same time curious, but it is interesting that Google could renew once and for all its Nexus device 10 inches and incorporate everything good about a Chrome and Android.

Perhaps no room for him, but could be to know some detail added to the event to be held at 18 am in Spain and of course you can follow us to be informed instantly all the news.

And you do you think? Head over to Google Pixel C, a possible new tablet with detachable keyboard and high-end components to make your mark.

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