Google Photos will suggest which photos to archive in his new role

about three weeks Ago it was the Google I/O 2017. During these days we got to know some of the news that I was going to get to Google Photos, as I discussed in his day. In general left a good impression on these developments. Functions that could be of enormous utility to the users. Now, it seems that is not the only novelty that you are going to get to Google Photos.

A new feature has been presented. what is it? to Google Photos you are going to suggest what photos you can archive. This way, all those photos that is not necessary to have in our library will be archived. It can be a truly useful role. What else do we know until the time?

Google Pictures archive pictures

The function will be selected automatically. Google Photos, based on the activity and dynamics of the user recommend a series of photos to archive. We recommend all those images that are not considered to be important and that can then be archived. It is in the hand of the user decide if you really want those images to become saved or not. Therefore, in this way to avoid that is to archive important photos.

Can be a function really useful to reorganize our library. Very comfortable, and in addition the photos going to continue to be present if we need it. Just look in the albums, or a simple search in Google Pictures. Hence, there is no risk that they will disappear. So, you can be at ease. The photos will remain, it simply will not be visible to the naked eye. We will take into account for creating stories or other automatic effects that are present in Google Photos.

has Not said anything about a possible release date of this new function. Apparently they are still by various tests with the same. Therefore, we still need to wait a few months, with almost total security. Up to now, what users can do is to archive photos manually. It is useful, although much slower. Therefore, we have to wait for this new feature comes to Google Pictures as soon as possible. What do you think of this new feature to archive photos? Do you feel useful?

Source | Android Police

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