Google Nexus terminals receive monthly updates for at least three years

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Android has never emphasized, among other things, ensure virtually updates throughout the life cycle of a terminal . This has generated the known fragmentation by manufacturers and different versions that appear throughout the years. Google has hand and something new has to do with policy update support to their own devices, the Google Nexus.

Google confirms monthly updates

The information is official and is confirmed by own, and all of a sudden have reported this, if it’s not bad, on the contrary, ensures a more regular updates to devices Google Nexus to try to improve safety, correct individual errors that we suffer at certain times and improve overall performance of the operating system.

Unfortunately, for certain reasons, Android is an operating system that if it is safe can appear at any time a security breach and affect not only your phone, if not millions of users . Therefore, today has released the first update to fix the vulnerability stagefright.

The devices that come into regular monthly support are the Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 5, Google Nexus 6, 9 and Google Nexus Google Nexus 10.

But does not end here, far from it, as they have confirmed that in addition to the confirmed and customary two years of insured updates enjoying terminals Google, they added an extra year of security patches, so support extends to three years .

Parte trasera con cámara de la Google Nexus 9

This is something that Google should not only apply, if all manufacturers include in their products the Android operating system, as safety is paramount and should ensure security updates not typical enhancing firmware and new versions of Android. We will expect this to be true, and of course work as well as it sounds over the paper.

Official Android Blog | Updates for Nexus devices

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