Google Messenger 2.0: The RCS comes to Android

some time Ago we talked about the standard RCS, the replacement of the operators for SMS and MMS conventional that you do not use almost anyone. With the arrival of the rates of the Internet and the globalization of applications such as WhatsApp hardly users need this alternative.

Now, the operators want that little bit at the standard RCS copper importance but it must solve two immediate problems: is only on Android and only works with some operators. Yes the standard RCS wants to succeed the GSMA should make it compatible with all the mobile.

Jibe RCS

Messenger Google integrates the standard RCS

The standard RCS has been integrated in Messenger, Google (Google now has 3 messaging applications: Allo, Hangouts and Messenger). Shipping via RCS allow send messages, create group chat, sharing pictures in high resolution, send videos, audio notes, emojis or stickers.

The standard RCS is something that mortals don’t understand because it works like WhatsApp but by sending messages through the servers of our operator. Yes, a universal profile that Jibe Google offers free-form.

Now, what people need in the RCS? the success of The RCS will require that operators may not charge for use and if you don’t charge hardly will be able to get some benefit from it. Allo could also integrate the standard RCS in the future.

The standard RCS nobody understands it, or us

Currently, there are many obstacles, so an application can be delete WhatsApp from the throne or unseat those who are close. do you really believe that there is only one reason to use the standard RCS and not the instant messengers that we currently use? Yes, that come integrated in all the mobile and it seems unlikely that so be it.

The standard RCS is a good idea, but an idea that comes really very late, the messaging applications most used in the world already allow you to call for free, make video calls, etc why would someone would want to dispense with all this if it is free? Another thing is that the operators have a plan for which its data plans to use the standard RCS but would attack the neutrality of the network, that we did not doubt.

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