Google Hangouts is renovated and updated to version 4.0, is planted face to WhatsApp?

Google Hangouts

Instant messaging has become an key and indispensable application at any terminal today, for ignoring calls allows us to communicate easily and practically free.

Interestingly, while Google is a leader in multiple applications on your Android catalog, for one reason or another your messaging app obtain no success compared to WhatsApp Messenger and Telegram concerning, among others.

Renew or die

It is true that never give up, so keep trying and seeking their piece of the pie by renewing Hangouts to version 4.0 which incorporates interesting news.

From now envision a much cleaner interface own Material and Design, faster to contact our terminal and better way to introduce emoji, stickers among other files to access our private chats.

Even the dialer built that enjoys has been renovated to give a fresher image and provide greater functionality, but all have a paste.

The counterpart is that it is still not time to enjoy it on Android, then strangely instead of our own operating system have decided launch first on iOS . Motives? any officer, is a wise choice or negative although both versions are ready.

On the other hand know the release date , but it is sure to reach the operating system first bite of the apple and then to our beloved and friendly Android.


he finally achieved success?

Logically this renewal comes with main claim to stand up to the main messaging clients mentioned above, since both progress and increase their customer base and Google’s own opposite.

Hopefully the Mountain View giant obtain essence of success and put on the table an enviable and unique product, with which we enjoy a truly comprehensive functions, stable and rapid service, and something very important: free


Google+ | Update Hangouts 4.0

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