Google Hangouts 3.0: improved contact cards and performance improvements

Gradually, Hangouts, the instant messaging program of Google, has gained a foothold in Android happening to comprise part of our lives. With Google Hangouts 2.5 we have the arrival of Material Design Hangouts style, but it was clear that more needed to wait for future improvements. Throughout these days Google is updating many of their my and services as we saw with Google Play Services 7.0, but we still held more surprises, and indeed now let’s talk about one of them, the new update Hangouts will detail now.

Google Hangouts 3.0

If it is true that on the Net everything or almost everything is filtered out early and get the apk is viable new Hangouts, if you will receive via Play Store you may have to wait a little. As told in the web Android Authority, Hangouts jump from version 2.5 to 3.0 , but the fact is it does with rather discrete improvements , something amazing precisely because of that jump in the numbering. Anyway, even if just for the performance improvements you see in Hangouts 3.0, the update is longer welcome.

But not only is limited to performance because there are some small changes you mention. One of them is the change of place of some options . The other thing left to discuss, in our opinion is the most interesting of the contributions of this new version of Google Hangouts. To be precise, it is the improved contact cards . In order not to dwell longer and unnecessary explanations, we say it is an improvement that goes along the lines of preview from Google Contacts with renewed yesterday mime discussed website appearance.

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What do you think the new Hangouts 3.0 ?, you think that justify the leap from version?

And you do you think? Head over to Google Hangouts 3.0. Contact cards improved and performance enhancements to make your mark

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