Google Cardboard gets boost, now in more countries, and with the Street View!

Cardboard nuevo impulso

virtual reality is a fact today, another option for experience our environment differently through technology. Google knew from the first time that this market has a huge potential, and that is why this is launched in full with the Google Cardboard, a small tool that we will even be able to build ourselves, and that will allow us to make our smartphone a utensil that is suitable to enter in to a very good approximation to what is known as virtual reality.

Google has wanted to start the week, pushing a step ahead of its virtual reality goggles, a jump necessary for many users. In the first place, from yesterday we will be able to find the application of Google Cardboard in Google Play and Apple Store in 39 languages and in more than 100 countries, caused no doubt by the growing demand and acceptance of the applications adapted to Cardboard from the Play Store , with more than 15 million installations.

Street View. en Google Carboard

in Addition, by increasing the number of apps compatible with Google Cardboard, the company Google has decided to adapt one of their most interesting applications, and innovative today, as it is Street View, with the possibility of being used with the virtual reality goggles. As you can see in the image above, the app will now feature a button for the Cardboard and then the screen will be split in two so that when we enfundemos the glasses and add the mobile, the different motion sensors, and the rotation of our head to make us believe that they really we are seeing the Eiffel Tower from the bottom or the very Empire State Building, just sitting in our bed. A blow on the table that many had expected, as it is one of the applications with the greatest potential for the virtual reality.

in Addition, the developers responsible for raising the project Google Cardboard from Mountain View we have also that some changes have been made in the SDK of your application, with the view to optimize the performance of the sensors, even the terminals of the lower range and worse sensors, and thus reduce the possible moves that we don’t want that to happen in our experience. In addition, this SDK has also been updated to Unity, so that applications can extract the full potential of the processors and graphics of our terminals to improve this experience.

Modelo de Google Carboard por un tercero

last but not least, from Google tell us that new companies and developers have joined to create more models of virtual glasses with the format Cardboard Google, as Mattel’s View-Master and Zeiss VR One GX, already available for sale only in some territories. On the web Google Cardboard you can see all the models available at the moment.

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