Google buys Timeful, the popular iOS application in order to improve its services

Timeful iOS

Google is taking the checkbook when you are interested. As did the purchase or Timely implementation of Waze, the clock application so pretty. Now is the time to do the same with Timeful and his team of developers .

For those who do not know, Timeful is an iOS app that serves to better organize our schedule and our tasks. Say Timeful learn about us and our habits, so once finds out the tasks which are usually performed throughout the day, reminding us go. Quite a productivity tool.

For as we read in the Official Gmail Blog, Google is done with the popular iOS app, and although at the moment is not in the short term plans to release a version for the Android operating system perhaps in the future – the big G wants to take all the power for their own services Timeful


According to own Google applications like Gmail, Google Calendar or Inbox will improve thanks to Timeful and we offer a much better thanks to this assistance. All good news if you’re a lover of Google services.

Timeful not disappear from the Apple Store may still be downloaded from iOS devices, but their equipment will give you all the support they would like, because begin work on new projects in the hands of Google . However, with regard to Android, good times for applications and tools Google ahead. Thanks to Timeful, we will have a much more efficient services that will make us much more productive day by day. When will we see the first fruits of Timeful Android? Hopefully very soon.

And you do you think? Head over to Google buys Timeful, the popular iOS application in order to improve their services to make your mark.

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