Google and Facebook unite to put an end to the false news of the Internet

The latest news show that Google and Facebook unite to put an end to the false news of the Internet. Surely you have heard some time ago that the guys of the social network they want to fight and completely eliminating such false news and hoaxes circulating on the Internet, because many users believe them and they are all lies, especially those related to the fake deaths of celebrities.

But this fight, he would join Google, so that these 2 great they would fight together to end of this war of false news through the Internet.

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Google and Facebook will put an end to the false news of the Internet

Today we have known in an official way that Google and Facebook have joined together to give completed the false news, rumours on social networks, or Hoax. We live continually surrounded by these problems, because there is a large percentage of false news circulating on the Internet and sites that contribute to make up hoaxes, you will be penalized.

social networks are easy to expand hoaxes, because once I leave it comes to light, circulating on social networks that gives taste. To Facebook do not like that their social network is seen from outside as the ideal platform to spread false content because the people believe it all, that’s why they want to put an end to the false news, which are a real nightmare.

Yes it is true that it is difficult to detect a Hoax. These news are always accompanied by controversy, and in the social networks is distributed as the foam, really easy.

CrossCheck, a system of verification of news

CrossCheck is a tool developed by Google’s News Lab, in collaboration with other media and companies like Facebook to check the news. In the case of detecting a false content, they would have to put things right.

Is a tool that seeks to know if the news is valid, for it does not have to search other sources. A platform check is what would be CrossCheck that would be available from the 27 February. Specifically, it will allow you to identify social content, stories, viral and much more. Aims high this new tool of Google and FB. A new movement to put an end to the false content.

apart from that, Facebook has also decided to launch their own tool to to fight against the false news, by using an option in the report.

What you seem to be the measure? What enough?

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