Google Allo will be able to receive messages from WhatsApp and Telegram

Google Allo copia WhatsApp

Google has released a great alternative to WhatsApp, Google Allo. The application of the big G is a copy of the previous one, but, however, offers a lot of extra items that can be useful. Google Allo is an alternative application but that full many of the functions that the others do not offer, is renewed and has the stamp Google.

Allo is not only able to integrate an advanced wizard such as Google Assistant, but, in addition, will be able to receive messages from any application that can work with a number of mobile phone, such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Line, and, if these agree, it could be a disgrace for third-party applications.


how Google Allo functioning as WhatsApp? Good trick Google

The truth is that having a single application that can receive all the messages from other applications is interesting, but if this is not required to be fitted and also comes pre-installed in the terminal, things change, actually Google doesn’t seem to be playing very clean with Allo.

Allo could not only receive messages from all the platforms that using a phone number but in addition could allow to write to them via this app, it is an abuse and a clear offense, but we assume that these third-party companies will find the way of hindered.

Receive messages from other services is to play dirty Google

When a user receives a message through this method, you’ll ignore it, install the appropriate application, or reply via SMS. This is possible thanks to App Preview Messaging, a technology that lets you communicate by using messages with any contact, regardless of whether both have the same messaging application installed.

The truth is that the application offers a functionality very interesting and despite the fact that it can be very useful (in Android time) there will be those who prefer to disable this feature by entering the settings and disabling the option App Preview Messaging.

, We have serious doubts about how a third party may consent to all this, but the truth is that we want to see more and to know how far you can reach Google with a function like this, you have very good looking (to view from the sidelines, of course).

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