Goodbye to Flash in Chrome: Google will block the content


Today we are of burial: Flash die imminently, and that is that Google has already warned that it will go away the official support for Flash in Google Chrome. Google Chrome occupies about 70% of volume of use compared to the rest of the web browsers. The following, Firefox, with almost a 10% of use.

, the fact that Flash is gone from Google Chrome directly implies that disappear from the network. No website can afford to lose 70% of its users. And it is that, despite the fact that Flash can be updated manually, Google will not put their part to make this happen. That is to say, if we want to Flash, you will have that getting wet hands.

The demise of Flash was imminent since its inception-at least, I was sure that this technology, little was going to take. Now it’s official, after of course since Google warned several times. Even as it was disappearing in Android since many years ago. It is clear that there are other, better technologies such as HTML5, as part of that are more up to date, they have much better support, both at the level of development and use.

HTML5 will be, as we say, from now on, the standard technology in Google Chrome, completely leaving aside the Flash. Although it may seem incredible, there are still websites that are fully developed completely in Flash. These pages, beginning in February 2017, will stop working if not updated. This type of sites since they would be testing a new version of its website, and that is, as we say, Google takes the warning a long time. As says the popular saying, “the that has not been hidden long have you had”.

on the other hand, if you use a daily to any website that uses flash as a core technology, and if you do not update on time and you need to continue using them, for I will have no choice but to install flash in Google Chrome manually, or to use another web browser.

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