Goodbye HTC Spain, the manufacturer closed its delegation in Madrid

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HTC is the signature taiwanese company responsible for the first Android in the world and the first Google mobile: the Google Pixel. Also embarked in virtual reality with the HTC Vive, and in the wearables, in addition to have developed some other tablet.

Even so, today HTC is not in the news for a new smartphone or a new rumor, but for something that was more than advertised: the closure of the offices of HTC in Spain.

HTC closes all of its offices in Spain and Italy

In effect, HTC says goodbye to its offices in the peninsula, that is to say, it will close all its offices in spain and will not have representation in the country. This is a drastic decision which has also taken in other european countries, such as Italy. In fact, it has centralized all of its european movements in the Uk.

Now: HTC will not sell nor provide support in Spain, that is to say, a closure of offices does not mean the end of the distribution of their products or his technical support. Specifically, the distribution will take place through local distributors and from now on will give special emphasis to their virtual reality.

Ya podéis reservar HTC Vive VR, ¿pero sabéis por cuánto?

as we read in ComputerHoy, the cause of their closures is the continuation of their poor economic results: HTC not raise his head from 2015, and year after year we received the news of their losses. Hopefully, at least, that this restructuring will serve as a something to the signature, which meant everything in the early years of Android.

Be that as it may, HTC has not stopped pulling forward, and some of their latest products, as the HTC Lives or the own manufacturing of the new Google Pixel, being a real success. On the other hand, once we had a new top of the range, the HTC 10, while two weeks ago we presented the new HTC Evo 10. Prices are high, among many other things, can be the reason of this bottomless pit.

What do you think about these closures? Do you think that HTC will lift the head?

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