Get the bubble of Facebook Messenger on WhatsApp

bubbles floating Facebook Messenger are a cause of controversy. There are users who like bubbles. In fact, looking for ways to activate on their devices, brands such as Xiaomi. But also there are some who do not want to know nothing of these bubbles, which you find annoying. For this reason, there are ways to disable them, as I explained a long time ago.

If you are someone who likes a lot of the system with the bubbles we have good news. Is it possible to get these bubbles in other applications. From WhatsApp to Telegram, it is possible to have them in your Android device in a very simple way. Simply download an application. We will tell you more then.

Quick Reply: Bubble chat for your apps

The application in question, to which we refer is Qucik Reply. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to have the bubbles of messages from Facebook Messenger. But not limited to Facebook, also in the rest of applications. In addition, the app offers you several options that make it very interesting.

For example, you cancompile the bubbles individually or in a group. What does that mean? you Can group the balloons according to the application. Therefore, a balloon for WhatsApp and one for Telegram, instead of out a bubble for each contact. That option can be very annoying, and you end up with many bubbles on the screen. For this reason, a bubble by application is a good alternative. But, the good thing is that, you can configure to your liking, so that you are more comfortable is that you can choose.

Quick Reply is available for download on Google Play. It is a application free, although there is advertising on the same. When you installed, you can choose which apps you want to have the bubbles. If there is any moment in which you change your mind, you can always remove them and put new applications in the list. You can also assign controls quick response if that is what you want. This way you will not have to open the application to respond to your contacts. You’ll be able to have bubbles in your WhatsApp. What do you think of Quick Reply? Do you think that is useful to the system of bubbles like Facebook Messenger?

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