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¿you Want to enjoy Spotify Premium free? We could define it as the dream of many, because we love the music and be able to enjoy the music that we want of the unlimited is without doubt a great Christmas gift. We have found 2 ways you can enjoy Spotify Premium for free. If one doesn’t work for you, we are confident that the other way does. Started:

Free Spotify Premium: 2 methods

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When we talk about 2 methods, sure you can imagine where they are going shots. One of the methods is a MOD, that allow us to enjoy the official app of Spotify, with many more features. While the other way is simply being root, that always gives us a lot more game.

we tell You what you need to do in each one of these 2 methods to get free Spotify Premium:

  • Install MOD Spotify NO ROOT: with an application of Spotify modified, we will be able to enjoy Spotify Premium for free, as easy as what you hear. For that to work, you must have uninstalled Spotify, then install this APK with the Spotify modified. What will we do with this MOD? Listen to unlimited music, and much more. We will have all the options available on your terminal with this Spotify amended, as if we had account premium but without having paid anything.
  • Install MOD Spotify ROOT: if you are root, you can decantarte by this method that we will install Xposed and then the module SpotifySKIP (which you’ll need to activate and reboot for the changes to be applied). This module is better than the previous one, because we will be able to enjoy all the applications of the MOD but directly from the official mobile app of the guys from Spotify. We will take a little more time, but if we are already root, we will have half-way advance. If you have any doubt at the time of Xposed, you can ask more in the comments below.

¿With what option you get to enjoy Spotify?

The quickest option is to do this without being root because it is install APK and ready, we will finish in a matter of seconds. And remember, to install APKs, you must have enabled the “unknown sources” , something that you have been told how to do in Lollipop and Marshmallow.

Other council that I give you is do not start with the account of Facebook, because you know at the time who we are and what type of subscription we have, if free or premium. If you prefer to avoid these ways, you can try a month of Spotify for free.

If you have any questions about how to get Spotify Premium for free you can leave a comment. So if you have any problem with the procedure. We leave below the links to the MOD Spotify.

Download | Spotify NO ROOT | Spotify ROOT

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