GearBest “give away” SmartWatch U8 for 9 euros

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If you want to buy a smartwatch, I would venture to say that no one gives more for less. This smartwatch U8 is spectacular, because what we have offer at GearBest for only 9 euros. And it is one of the more amazing deals that we have seen, because you’ll be able to wear a smart watch on your wrist at the best price and without paying out large amounts of money.

these days, many are comparing the Smartwatch U8 wrist Pokémon GO Plus, which will vibrate when you have a Pokémon close and allow us to capture it. Well, although we have not tested, a user told us that the smartwatch also alerts you notifications when there’s a Pokémon near. Something like Ingress for Android Wear, so if you’re thinking about buying the bracelet of Pokémon, like a smartwatch offers more options.

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Buy smartwatch U8 cheap, 9 euros of bid

This smartwatch is spectacular, because you’ll be able to do much the same with any smartwatch running. It is linked by Bluetooth, so you can be connected to your smartphone and you will receive on your wrist notifications (messages, calls and everything that happens in the mobile).

Also notification of applications. Apps like Facebook, or LINE will be noticed on your wrist, as well as other reminders of apps and/or alarms. can You imagine to receive notifications of Pokémon GO? A user us told in the comments, that with the app from the Pokémon that I had installed, was able to get on the watch when there was one nearby (we have not tested it and cannot confirmártelo, but for 9 euros if you do this in reality… it is spectacular).

even with heart rate monitor which is ideal if you like to make kilometres. It will help you to log the distance traveled and number of steps.

If you want to buy, I of it not I thought (the price is unbeatable). By only 9 euros you have a smartwatch, so don’t hesitate to buy U8 bid:

Buy smartwatch U8 for 9 euros

can You buy?

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