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Google has just introduced a new service that is sure to delight fans to video games. It is YouTube Gaming , a platform that will host all the content related game , and we can enjoy both through the website and through app [1.99901 million ] mobile devices. It’s already been rumored a few weeks ago, and now has become reality because the Mountain View have not wanted to lengthen the wait.

As Google has secured itself YouTube Gaming will be totally independent of YouTube as we know it today. This will directly influence search results. For example, when you start typing in the search word “Call”, we will begin to appear results of the game “Call of Duty” and not, for example, the famous song “Call Me Maybe”, as we do see in the “normal” YouTube. So all results will have to do exclusively with video .

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YouTube Gaming vs Twitch

This movement has a clear objective, and that is none other than compete directly against Twitch the platform of choice for making streaming game, and is currently Amazon in possession casually. Logically, the battle promises to be fierce, but Twitch part with the advantage of having a large community of players formed by millions, while YouTube Gaming will have to start from scratch as it were, but certainly not costs much start attracting users.

But YouTube Gaming also has an asset. Many of the players that make streaming at Twitch, then decide to upload the full video to YouTube. Well, this step would not be necessary with the platform of Google, it is that to make streaming in this, automatically the whole video will be performed without the user have to upload it manually. However, this does not have to be something to squander Twitch, as we say, has a lot of users currently

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming will be available in summer

For the moment, no more than YouTube Gaming are known except for his departure, which is scheduled for later this summer , although currently only being confirmed her arrival in the United US and UK. Of course, there are already enabled a site, but for now we can not do more than checking to be notified when we have news.

assume (and hope) that will gradually reach all parts of the world . Undoubtedly, it is a service that looks really good, and one new proposal from Google that many users were waiting safe. website will keep you updated with any news.

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