Galaxy S7: Test of water resistance

galaxy s7 test resistencia agua

One of the great things of the Galaxy S7, is that it is water resistant. This is great, because it is a feature that although it seems that not a few of the terminals of the high-end have. But here, the guys from Samsung have successful full. In this article, we will see a test of water resistance for Galaxy S7, we found it submerged even in a swimming pool. Don’t miss it!

Plunge the Galaxy S7 (test)

A youtuber, Harris Craycraft, has surprised us with a video of the Galaxy S7 Edge on your channel that goes past water at all times. At the beginning, we see it in a bowl with water, but then the thing is complicated because we find ourselves submerged in a swimming pool. can Resist the S7? don’t miss the video in little more than 2 minutes you will have the answer.

When we show you 3 great features of the Galaxy S7, one of them was water resistance. It is clear that this is very comfortable, because even though we are afraid, fear 0, because we can see in the video how tough it all, because it has been built to resist everything, and in the case that something would happen, it would be the fault of Samsung and not ours, and would give us another (remember to comply with the times and meters).

In this video, first is immerses the Galaxy S7 for 20 minutes in a glass of water. The Galaxy S7 or unmoved, it comes out perfect. And continues to operate as normal. The second test is already in the pool, and their front-facing cameras, and rear-recorded it all.

Is it true that the moisture blocks the micro USB?

One thing that has drawn much attention especially in the pool, is that it is very well recorded. Recorded very well the Galaxy S7 under the water. The video is a pass. This guy has done a job of 10. What we do believe is that you can’t charge your Galaxy S7 if the battery is low at least in the next few hours, because a few days ago, we told you that your Galaxy S7 will not be charged if the microUSB port detects moisture, you’ll have to wait for it to dry…

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