Galaxy Note 9 vs. iPhone X, who record best videos?

The truth is that we were anxious to discover everything it had to offer the new Samsung flagship. So to see how it plays on the theme of the video recording, there has been a comparative direct with the best of Apple: the iPhone X. how Quiep win√° between the Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone X?

it Is clear that the camera of the Note 9 is a beast when you see all of its features. And no, the iPhone X is not far behind. But to have an official winner, the very youtuber Casey Neistat has made a comparison with several tests in different scenarios. Here is the video with the results.

recording Test videos between the Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone X

To enter directly in the tests conducted by the youtuber american, already engaveta more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube (the video is in English but you can translate it easily from YouTube), Casey has started the test recording on the inside of her office with both c√°maras.

After that, it has gone directly to the street, to capture the people and the vehicles that are passing by, all to study the capacity of recordings in 4K at 30 fps.

After slipping on their skateboards on the part of New York, has begun the test of time-lapse along the lake and in conditions with little natural light. Finally, has recorded under the rain and even in a site night with little light, having as a result the following data.

Conclusions of the comparative recording video between the Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone X

The little more than 8 minutes of the test have been used to conclude with the following results:

  • The iPhone X comes with a lens more wide.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has better audio recording.
  • The front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is better than the iPhone X.
  • iPhone X set the white balance and exposure better than the Note 9.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 provides better results in low light conditions.

With so many comments contrasting, it is difit difficult to conclude with the winner, but we promediamos to Note 9 as the rival to beat. And to you, do cual is the winner of the test of the recordinge vand video between the Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone X?

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