Fotolog closes after 14 years

fotolog cierra tras 14 años

we Thought you’d never see this day, but unfortunately, today’s news: Fotolog closes after 14 years. Sure many of you crecisteis with this social network of photos and comments. It was nice to get home and post a picture and a text with that which we had passed during the day, waiting to receive many comments and to see if we got the 20. However, all good things must end, and today it has touched Fotolog put up the shutters, the social network of the adolescents with which we grew up and endured as a champion from 2002 until this year, 2006.

Fotolog closed (2002-2016)

From the past Monday 4, the users had problems to enter in the website Fotolog, but today, 8 January, the applications of the Fotolog for Android and iOS no longer appear in the store. Have been deleted by their creators, because they have decided to close the Fotolog to the full.

fotolog cierra

We go back to 2002, when the social network Fotolog was created by Scout Heiferman and Adam Seife. It was a boom of the time, one of the most successful social networking sites “past” that all users of my age, insurance that you remember. Came to succeed more in Latin America, but in Spain also stayed away.

Unfortunately, everything good ends, and with other new social networks that appeared such as Tuenti or Facebook, users ended up leaving the boat. By the 2008, Fotolog had more than 20 million users, but every day, after the emergence of online social networks “modern“, was going to less. The clear culprit, or rather culprits, these new social networks, which are much more comprehensive and of more social character.

MSN Messenger, another of the affected

MSN Messenger has been one of the affected by the new social networks. It is possible that, if we stop to think about, remember, great moments are connected to the MSN which ever will match with current social networks. It was something more intimate, more personal, more new, that perhaps now we are boring with so much technology, messaging services on the mobile, etc

Fotolog in its day it was a boom, and gives us much grief you have put the closure. Sure, if you stop to think, even remember any publication that you spent or you spent. What is certain is that, he left us with great memories, and I hope you will too if you never got clear.

Goodbye #Fotolog, you will be missed

#Photoblog is trending on social networks. Pity that we have not yet been able to dismiss as it is due. What we will miss, for all that marked from these 14 years, but what is certain is that they have done the right thing… because now, virtually nobody used it. From 2002 to 2016. Amazing how they got these guys. Without a doubt, we will miss, like our profile with the memories.

how Will social networks make so much as got MSN and Fotolog in your time? Take advantage of the comments to start the discussion.

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