Fossil announces smartwatches Q Venture, and Q Explorist with Android Wear 2.0

┬┐you’ve already heard of the new Fossil Q Venture, and Q Explorist with Android Wear? We have been amazed to see how beautiful are these two watches smart, because the truth is that not only will be poor and powerful smartwatches with Android Wear, but in appearance, they are ten, because we love them.

Very good paints the new Fossil in Android Wear refers. These have been announced at Baselworld. Without a doubt, have raised a lot of excitement but few details we have for now.


Fossil Q Venture, and Q Explorist with Android Wear

What we know for now is that these guys have made it official and work on two new watches intelligent to users: Q Venture, and Q Explorist.

we Can see, on the basis of the photos, which are different. One is thinner than the other, but both will come with Android Wear 2.0. We could say that one is more style guy and the other more of a style girl, because one is bigger than the other, and followed lines very different. To me personally, the right I love.

The best news is that come with Android Wear 2.0

By now a few more data we have away from your appearance and operational, that are very good news, because in order to sell what is most important now is Android Wear 2.0, and that is nice. Otherwise, we have already spent years having it and has not taken root at all.

it Is also worth mentioning the crown digital to facilitate the navigation. We have a circle that takes advantage of well screen top and bottom, which is not bad. We like the design and colors, see if they are the interchangeable straps. What we know for now is that we see, and the round screen is a success.

What is the price and the launch of Q-Venture, and Q Explorist?

even Though you do not believe we have these data. It is expected that the Fossil Q Venture, and Q Explorist to go on sale in the fall of 2017. The price could be between 255 and us $ 275, depending on the model and color chosen.

Is a great price and they are beautiful… have a pint of that will triumph. What do you look like?

Via | AP

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