Fortnite welcome to the 8th Season with the pirates, new locations and a cannon

Fortnite continues to be one of the most popular games in the world. In fact, there are several smartphone manufacturers that have their sights set on the title Battle Royale, as Honor, in the Mobile World Congress 2019 announced a skin exclusive for View 20, or Samsung, which continues its alliance with the work of Epic Games to offer a skin to those who book the Galaxy S10+.

The game Battle Royale just to welcome your Season 8 with pirates, new locations and a cannon. via a post on their official blog, the team of Fortnite has released the patch notes V. 8.00, which adds the Season 8, a barrel pirate and new locations, among other details. With the new season of Fortnite has appeared a volcano gigantic on the map, and both pirates as ninjas and a lot of wrestlers new will fight for achieving the treasure.

Starts the season 8 of Fortnite

The new season also means a new pass of the battle, with 100 levels and over 100 new rewards. In regards to the new locations, on the map of the game Battle Royale have been generated new points of interest with the volcano, such as Steps of Summer and Albufera Gentle. In the same way, has also been incorporated a cannon pirate with which users can inflict damage on the locations or structures enemy launching a cannon-ball, or lunging at them.

The new update of Fortnite also adds a new mode of limited time, titled 50 against 50, in which two teams of fifty players will fight until victory is achieved. To do this, each team has a bus that is approaching the island from opposite sides and is a mode in which you must fight it out between them. In addition, it has also added another game mode, short Distances, in which players may only use shotguns and boosters.

Two new game modes are limited

In terms of the creative mode, highlight the incorporation of new options to the voice chat the game menu of the island’s creative and gallery of temple of the jungle, where users will be able to lay deadly traps, and tests anxious. As is customary, the update also has corrected a number of errors both in playability and in the sound.

The version for mobile devices has also added a visual feedback when the buttons are pressed, and it has changed the visibility of the HUD to the plan or fall to be more consistent between the mobile and other platforms. In addition to correct a number of errors, as the one that caused that, when you switch to build mode and tap the quick access bar at the same time, a return to the combat mode; Fortnite for mobile now allows players to to change between to be crouching or standing while they are in the modes of construction and editing.

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