Fortnite for Android is one of the leading causes of divorce

Fortnite has recently reached 15 billion downloads, despite not being in the Play Store. The game is still increasing its popularity among the players, getting to create addiction in some of them. A new report reveals that Fortnite for Android is one of the leading causes of divorce in couples.

A report published by Online Divorce shows that couples are citing addiction Fortnite as one of the leading causes of divorce. The name of the title from Epic Games has been mentioned in more than 200 petitions for divorce in the United Kingdom, in addition to social networks and the pages for adults, among other causes.

“addiction to drugs, alcohol and gambling are often cited as the reasons for which a relationship has not worked. But the digital revolution has generated new addictions”, say from the company, which is dedicated to publish reports about the divorce and that provides services for those couples who wish to separate themselves.

Online Divorce ensures that the 5% of the 4.664 petitions for divorce that we have received has to Fortnite as one of the main causes of separation between couples. Some data indicate that there is a big problem, and it is not the first time that comes to the fore the addiction Fortnite or a video game in the people.

Since its launch have gone out several news about addiction Fortnite in the young and not so young, which can pose a great risk to them. The case of a 9 year old girl that had been sent to therapy for his addiction game of Epic Games went around the world. The new report serves as a notice for people to find a balance between video games and their relationships.

Fortnite for Android is also in the spotlight by other issues, and it has recently been discovered that more than half of the pirated versions of the title from Epic Games contain malware.

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