Fortnite features a new vehicle with the shape of a hamster ball with its latest update

Fortnite still has a large mass of players, despite the release of titles such as Apex Legends, that it could come to mobile devices in the near future. The work star of Epic Games, which has a skin exclusive for View 20 and another for those that booked the Galaxy S10+, has been updated with the addition of a vehicle with the shape of a hamster ball

via a post on their official blog, the team of Fortnite, which has already launched its Season 8 has released the patch notes V. 8.10, noted for the incorporation of a new vehicle with the shape of a hamster ball, called The ‘boloncho’. It’s a vehicle with a single seat that mixes the lanzaventosas and the accelerator, and that can be found in outposts, and in caches of loot of the camps pirate.

With this new vehicle, players will be able to get close to cliffs or swinging through the trees. Even if the driver does not receive damage, the boloncho is vulnerable to the fire of the enemy guns. In the same way, thanks to this new update vending machines now offer free products, but only an object or weapon before disappearing. Have also been removed vending machines common and rare, and the turret mounted in the vending machine legendary.

vending machines now offer free products

As usual, we have also carried out a series of corrections, like that bug that caused the chests of buried treasure may appear in the island initial. In terms of the Creative mode, have incorporated new exotic islands, as the island boat sand or the island of the volcano, and a new themed log cabin, in addition to new options for the rules of the games, which now allow you to further customize the settings of the equipment.

In terms of the version of Fortnite for mobile devices, has been added an adjustment feature of automatic shooting so that you can edit in each weapon, and the occlusion of the steps in Android. In the same way, also improved the quality of some sound effects on mobile and have carried out a series of bug fixes, as the one who caused the shutter button to remain stuck in a continuous loop or not I could shoot without possibility of restart.

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